#Whatsapp is the third source of news

Facebook and Youtube are still leaders in the ranking, but the messaging service Twitter dethroned

Every second a new news is generated and social networks have become a favorite channel to communicate it. Facebook and Youtube are the main sources of consumption of information, according to a study carried out by Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. However, this same survey revealed that Whatsapp ranked the number three position, beating out Twitter.

The messaging service is the first in the list that is not a social network. In the last year its use grew significantly, reaching 15% in the last year.

The study, which consulted with 70,000 people in the United States, the United Kingdom, Asia and countries in Latin America such as Argentina, Chile and Mexico, says more closed and private messaging to be allows users to share without fear.

This analysis lets Facebook as the Queen of networks, taking into account that the company owns WhatsApp and Messenger, two of the most popular applications.

Smartphones are so important for users to be informed, both inside and outside their homes, 46% used his phone to see news items on the bed, 32% access the information while it is in the bathroom and 42% prefer to read on public transport.

Source: Time

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