The market globalization expands business opportunities as it exceeds all territory boundary; therefore, at Creacttive we focus on providing innovating technology solutions.

So we have a team of engineers, highly experienced in different technologies and with a vast experience in different business models. This lets us create trustworthy relationships and focus on the client’s needs so as to help at the time of making a decision.

  • # Software Development
    We have over 10 years of experience in projects built in different technologies, they were applied according to our technical analysis and the requirements of the project. We use PHP, a very popular language and speaker for web pages; Microsoft.NET for building web systems, and desktop client-server applications. In the interfaces we use the combination of frameworks like Bootstrap, JQuery and Angular, enriching the user experience.
  • # Mobile

    The mobile applications are playing an increasingly more important in the lives of millions of users role. In Creacttive we develop all kinds of applications that facilitate the use of services and optimize business processes.

  • # Analysis and management of projects
    The analysis of each project is carried out by our professionals who perfectly combine the "knowledge" and "experience", assist our clients in defining their objectives building a real project to measure.